Char offers something for many different skin types and condition.

Char is certified to do over 300 Facials in her studio. Based on your skin condition Char will suggest options to help you get results. Read more on Char here.


The benefits of microdermabrasion are many. It removes dull skin, softens fine lines, smoothes out coarse skin texture, reduces acne and pore size, fades scars and brown spots, and stimulates cell turnover.

Enzyme Peels

Why do celebrities rave about Enzyme Peels?

The beauty of an enzyme peel is its ability to provide immediate results without the downtime associated with other types of peels. Have a big event coming up? Red carpet walk? Wedding? Speaking engagement? Job interview? Blind date? Enzyme peel.

The enzymatic process is gentler than an AHA exfoliation because enzymes are activated by water and don’t penetrate as deeply as AHAs. This makes it safe for all skin types.

Despite their gentler action, enzymes yield some dramatic results yielding smoother, more supple skin texture and a brighter, more radiant tone.

LED Therapy

There are different colors of LED light available. Each offers a unique benefit for the skin. Here’s a breakdown of how each LED works:

Blue light: kills acne bacteria and treats breakouts

Red light: reduces inflammation, promotes healing and stimulates collagen synthesis

Infrared light: similar to red light, but is invisible to the naked eye and penetrates deeper into the skin

Amber light:builds new collagen and elastin

Oxygen Treatment

So refreshing!!!

Rejuvenates  diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing overall hydration.Opulence - helps uneven skin tone look brighter and more luminous.Clarity - calms acne while restoring moisture balance and defending against future breakouts.


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About Char

Char is a California licensed Esthetician and owner of Skin By Char skin care services and the Char™ skincare product line. Char currently holds over 300 skin care related certifications from world renown skin care professionals from all over the world. She is also finishing up her undergraduate degree from UCLA in cosmetic chemistry. Char has an in-depth knowledge of cosmetic ingredients and the latest technologies used in the skin care service industry. Many spa professionals find their love of skin care through experiences in school or at home, Char discovered her passion through her work in the retail cosmetics sector and treating her sons skin challenges.

25 years ago, Char began her skin care career as a promotional model for the prestigious line Clinique in Orange County, California. Her job was to introduce gift-with-purchase promotions around the retail industry and help customers. Char found that she had a knack for helping people. She wasn’t the only one who noticed this talent. Char was recruited by upper management who wanted her to work behind the counter as a consultant. She decided to give it a try and began consulting customers. Char found she was good at listening to people and helping them choose products that would get results for their specific skin care needs.

It was during this time that Char honed skills that proved critical to her future skin care service and product line success. Char is into details, focusing on the initial customer needs and concerns, follow-up, nurturing clients through the processes down to the ingredients used in her entire product line.

Char's motto "It's not about sales but about listening to the customer and introducing them to cutting edge technology and ingredient formulas that get results, period".

Char's product line incorporates the newest ingredients available in today's market. Char™ skincare has been formulated to address ALL skin types.

Feel free to contact Char @ (714) 580-4791